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Business Culture

Integrating culture and blockchain technology to transform the way we work and play


Working within organizations to affect change from the inside out. Change starts with people. People connect through culture. Culture is rooted in values.


Digital products and services to educate and inspire people on how we think, how we connect and how technology is changing our world. Here we look at our mindset, our culture, and the impact of the Blockchain.


Multi-sensory immersive experiences designed to shake and wake people up. Our seminars are designed to motivate and inspire people to move towards positive change.

"If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading."

- Lao Tzu

Our Vision

Transform the business world to positively impact society & the environment.

Our Mission

Create & deliver life-changing content, platforms & training.

Our EcoSystem

Giving • Cooperation • Purpose • Adaptability • Efficiency • Communication • Health

Our Statement


We believe that culture is the key to organizational growth & success. Company culture is a priority and should be optimized with full awareness on all 7 levels of consciousness. Most importantly, a business should be powered by their vision, mission & set of core values. Values are the energetic drivers of individuals and lead organizations to build strong relationships both internal & external to the business.

We are only at the beginning of the era of decentralization and are excited to be a part of this movement. Through innovating company culture & integrating with blockchain technology, a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is guaranteed to thrive in the new world we are creating today.

SmartMinds’ believes in the equal distribution of wealth, power, education & resources. This process can be accelerated through organisations adopting a growth mindset and providing every individual with the necessary training & support which will impact all aspects of their life.

An organisation is a vehicle for change working towards the common good of the planet. The societal & environmental impact is a must for business models of today. Where individuals are connected & inspired to protect, serve and grow the world for future generations to come.

Values-driven Organizations

Outperform Their Competition
Revenue Growth
Employment Growth
Stock Price Growth
Net Income Growth
Revenue Growth
Employment Growth
Stock Price Growth
Net Income Growth

Our Assessments

Barrett Values Centre


Individual Value Assessment

The IDR (individual development report) is to provide an overview of an individual’s current and desired culture from their personal point of view.


Cultural Value Assessment

A CVA (culture values assessment) will illustrate an organization’s current & desired culture from the perspective of each individual within the organization.


Leadership Value Assessment

An LVA (leadership culture values assessment) will illustrate the Leader’s current & desired culture from the perspective of the individual and of those in close relation to the individual.

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