1-day Accelerators for teams to Upgrade their 

Company Culture and Enhance Business Performance.


Align – Connect – Thrive

Global leaders in business are realizing that the key to high-performance individuals & organizations is to intently focus on company culture. A strong culture supports innovation, people safety, happiness, creativity & financial viability.

 SmartMinds Limited conducts assessments to analyze the current health of a team's culture in order to identify the "hot buttons" or "sweet spots" for each team. SmartCoach is a customized 1-Day training for teams to upgrade aspects of their culture that are in need of improvement.

About SmartCoach

SmartCoach Areas of Focus




Team Alignment & Create Brand Vision, Mission & Values.

Form Trust within teams & install High-Performance systems.

Strategy & Training to allow lasting and Self-Evolving results.

The Baseline Measurement will allow us to identify areas in need of improvement in your team.

The focus will be to align the team by creating a shared understanding of one another's values & choosing a set of core values to connect each individual.

Workshops will be conducted to illustrate the current health & performance of the team.

Focus Areas


Further training to assert & practice high-performance systems to improve workflow, communication & team decision-making.

The focus is for individuals to feel more ownership & connection to their role in the organization.

This will enhance skills, confidence and create a deeper sense of responsibility for their impact on the team.


The team will make significant changes in their daily work routine to practice new awareness & culture strategies.

A plan of action will be created to strengthen & build commitment towards fulfilling the company Vision, Mission & Values.

We will provide a summary and supporting material for the team to be able to continue learning and growing.


How to attract, motivate and keep talented people?

How to increase profitability, sustainability and be present to the needs of all stakeholders?

How to increase innovation, creativity, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction?

How to increase accountability, openness and trust?

How to run more engaging and productive meetings?

How to handle the inevitable disagreements and conflicts?

How to improve co-operation between virtual teams spread across different locations and countries?

Today CEOs and leaders are struggling with big questions such as:

Challenges in the Business World

Mark has been traveling the world over 20 years and worked in more than 10 different industries, which lead him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life: Change”.

Coming to fully realize his place in this world, through travel and personal development, Copeland compiled his experiences and knowledge into tangible best-practices that can be implemented into people and organizations willing to transform their status quo.

Copeland joined forces with Barrett Values Centre and is a certified consultant, and has designed a framework for innovating Next Generation Business Culture. SmartCulture®

Mark Copeland

Mark Copeland

His remarkable willpower to explore the different aspects of culture, life, business and the environment: Mark Copeland realized one underlying common denominator, “People”. He realized that the challenges and downfalls in business weren’t industry specific, it all came down to the people within it. So, Copeland recruited a team of creative minds and founded Smartminds, to develop a framework that will lead organizations to positively impact society and the environment.

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*One must complete step 01 (free session) before commencing deeper into the program.

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Program Benefits

Enhanced team, individual & company performance. Becoming more Conscious of their Decision-Making.


Improve the Health of relationships, finances & the team member's Personal Health & Energy Levels.



Communicate Flow of Ideas, Energy, Enthusiasm. For relationships both internal & external.

"The ripple effect has been amazing...not only for me, but those that surround me... I can totally recommend this as a personal and business 'must do' :)"

"Since attending Mark’s training in November we have not lost a single member of our team (turnover previously was fast & furious), our staff morale is at its highest, our sales have grown and grown & our guests are having the best experiences with us.

Mark said that through his work I would see dramatic changes and it’s absolutely true. From my own experience, I can hand on my heart say that his coaching & consultancy will question the way you currently operate your business and conduct your personal life, giving you the tools and the courage to improve."

“I experienced some great breakthroughs almost immediately. Some things which one could think may have been obvious are actually not always obvious. Mark has a talent for being able to detect them and how to really turn things to your advantage.”

Coached people with all levels of knowledge.

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1-day accelerators for teams to upgrade their 

company culture and enhance business performance.


Align – Connect – Thrive

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