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Areas of Focus

Mindset is what determines your view on life, circumstances, challenges & yourself. Receive tools & strategies that can allow you to refresh & reshape your outlook on the world.

How to Change Your Mindset

Each individual may have habits & beliefs that are limiting them from achieving their potential. Bring light to your own personal thought, language & behavior patterns in order to change it.

Break Old Patterns & Beliefs

Personal & Professional Transformation

The mind can be a powerful tool to enhance performance. Understand how to improve decision-making & communication skills to impact your career path, relationships, family & personal life.

The Realized Mind

This seminar is designed to bring an individual into deeper levels of self-awareness. Gain clarity on one's own personal values, mindset, language, & behavior. Understand how this profoundly impacts the outcomes of life. Learn how to deconstruct our models of living.

Table of Contents

Activate Change

Limits of Potential

Powerful Mindset

Emotional Frequencies

Leadership & Self-Esteem

Language and Behavior

Brain Plasticity

Begin to see what beliefs you are holding on to, that are actually holding you back. Receive the knowledge, awareness & the toolkit to cultivate a powerful mental & emotional ability to transform everything.


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Lesley Sudiro

"If you have been wondering for a while how you start to re-invent yourself - this will set you up for a life change."

Thousands of Inspired Attendees

Sophie Digby

"The ripple effect has been amazing...not only for me, but those that surround me... I can totally recommend this as a personal and business 'must do' :)"

Ori Latter

"Profound experience which left me inspired and energized to change my life. This work is essential for anyone wanting a better and happier life for themselves and the people around them."

Robert Epstone

“Science is now reaching a critical threshold where it is overlapping with spirituality and that’s where Smartminds stands, on that bleeding edge. Mark’s seminars are both sublime and subliminal and very human. Like downloading new life-software which proceeds to install in your system over the subsequent weeks and upgrades so many different facets of your life all at once.

I experienced profound shifts in a lot of seemingly-stuck circumstances through his ‘Drink Juice, Meditate, Say Yes’ method. For any seasoned business vets, this is THE toolkit that bridges consciousness with corporate. You can transform not just your workforce but your lifeforce too. Mark goes straight to the source. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Tah Riq

“I experienced some great breakthroughs almost immediately after attending Mark Copeland's Mindset. Mark has a talent for being able to detect them and explain how to leverage such things to really turn things to your advantage. Well worth attending one of his seminars I can highly recommend them.”

The Realized Mind

The Power to Change Everything

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