Transform the Way You Feel

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The Essential Mindset

The Essential Mindset is a digital learning playground to upgrade & reboot your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Learn to reshape your mind and reveal a new perspective on daily decisions. Begin to fully understand your emotions for creating a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.




High-Performance Nutrition

Mental & Emotional Stability

Develop & Install Powerful Habits

3 Things You Will Learn


Understand how your eating habits and choices affect your mind, emotions, and performance in life.

Explore a method that will enhance your energy levels and allow you to become more conscious of what your body really needs.

Experience a significant shift in your daily performance and feel more connected with yourself and those around you.


Discover the causes of stress and how it limits you from being productive and conquering your potential.

Learn how to de-clutter both your mind and environment to create a space for more flow and ease with your days.

Creating balance will improve your memory, time & task management. Increase your awareness to be more equipped for today's lifestyle.


Bring awareness to the current methods of learning and how it has impacted our growth from childhood.

Open up to new opportunities towards developing your skills & abilities in both your career and personal ventures.

Learn how to attract different outcomes for your day and create new habits that will support your development.

Access New Energy Levels

Shatter Motivational Barriers

Personal & Professional Performance

Build Self-Esteem & Confidence

Create Free Time

Cultivate Relationships

Learn to master your personal energy levels. Redeem the same excitement and agility from childhood. Your energy is the key to maximizing productivity & efficiency both physically & mentally.

Increase your performance by developing self-awareness and capacity for life. Cultivate a mental & emotional skill set that will accelerate the process of learning and improve your ability to focus and adapt.

Connect to the power of authenticity by aligning with your values to feel a profound sense of self-worth. Acquire a deeper understanding of who you are, what you stand for and where you are going.

Becoming more conscious of all aspects of life will enable you to manage everything in a much more efficient way. Find that the unwanted day-to-day tasks & circumstances seem to disappear while you become more productive.

The Essential Mindset will allow you to create space for your friends & family. Enjoy the time and energy you have to connect with those around you and develop deeper and more supportive relationships.

Breakthrough mental blocks and find new motivation to take inspired action. Experience inner strength and passion for improving yourself, career, family & relationships. Build confidence and passion towards sparking change.

Benefits of This Course

Receive downloadable worksheets you can use to practice and record your progress!


Track your journey with a personalized calendar, and actually see your transformation,

Growth Calendar

Watch our videos with the step-by-step guide through the essential activities. Learn with us!


Listen to our instructor as he guides you through exercises for optimal impact and understanding.


Mark Copeland

Mark has been traveling the world over 20 years and worked in more than 10 different industries, which lead him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life: Change”.

Coming to fully realize his place in this world, through travel and personal development, Copeland compiled his experiences and knowledge into tangible best-practices that can be implemented into people and organizations willing to transform their status quo.

Copeland joined forces with Barrett Values Centre and is a certified consultant, and has designed a framework for innovating Next Generation Business Culture. SmartCulture®

Mark Copeland







Module 01 is dedicated to Nutrition. Receive the knowledge and awareness to effectively enhance your energy levels and impact your overall health. Learn to experience clarity and stillness through high-performance nutrition. 

Nutrition Table of Contents:

Module 02 is about Balance. Understand what anxiety is and how to overcome fear, stress & pressure. Learn how to improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through forms of relaxation and self-reflection.

Balance Table of Contents:

Practice Table of Contents:

Module 03 is about practice. Learn how to cultivate a mindset for constant growth & learning. Develop new habits to improve your creativity, memory, skills & abilities. Understand effective methods to increase your capacity for life.

History of Nutrition

Understanding the Impacts on Health

Shift Your Reasons & Views on Dieting

Our Discovery - What Your Body Really Needs to Thrive

Accelerate Your EQ, IQ, SQ and Overall Well-being

History of Life's Growing Stress & Complexity

Impacts of Anxiety & Emotional Pressure

A new approach to Relaxation

Our Discovery - How to Feel Connected & Balanced

Experience the Shift in Your Energy Levels

History of Education and How it Limits Us

Mindset & How it Influences the Way You Feel, Think & Act

The Two Types of Mindset

Our Discovery - The Key to Accelerate Growth

Activate Your Personal Transformation

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Transform the way you feel

US$ 500.00

Training Videos

Guided Audio Sessions

Downloadable Smartsheets

Customizable Growth Calendar

3X Bonus Videos

3X Cheat Sheets

The Essential Mindset

How can I have a diet that I enjoy eating and promotes my health and performance?

Why are my emotions inconsistent and how can I manage them with ease?

How can I effectively release stress and enhance my time & task management skills?

What are easy ways for me to tap into my intuition and improve my mental focus?

How can I gain more skills & abilities at an accelerated rate?

How can I remove an unhealthy habit and create one that improves the way I live?

Questions You May be Asking Yourself

Integrating our 3 elements will help you release mental and emotional pressure to unlock intuition and improve decision-making. Cultivating the Essential Mindset will lead you to strip away limiting habits, beliefs & behaviours.

The Essential Mindset is a chance to rethink the way you live and to gain the ability to choose what serves you. Begin a new lease on life.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... Otherwise we shall not able to keep our mind strong and clear."

- Buddha

A Chance to Reshape Your Life




Overcome any type of Addiction

Listen to Your Body

Lose Weight

Increased Happiness & Fulfillment

Emotional Stability

Increased Self-Awareness

Raised Intelligence

Feeling Connected

Increased Knowledge

New Skills & Abilities

Motivation for Self-Improvement

Attract New Opportunities

What You Can Expect!

"The ripple effect has been amazing...not only for me, but those that surround me... I can totally recommend this as a personal and business 'must do' :)"

Sophie Digby

"For any seasoned business vets, this is THE toolkit that bridges consciousness with corporate. You can transform not just your workforce but your lifeforce too. Rather than tweaking the branches or examining the fruit, Mark goes straight to the source and dives into the roots and the soil around them allowing the whole tree that is your life to bloom that much richer. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”

"Profound experience which left me inspired and energised to change my life. This work is essential for anyone wanting a better and happier life for themselves and the people around them."

Ori Later

"If you have wondering for a while how you start to re-invent yourself - this will set you up for a life change."

Lesley Sudiro

Tah Riq

"Mark said that through his work I would see dramatic changes and it’s absolutely true. From my own experience I can hand on heart say that the work will question how you currently operate your business and conduct your personal life, giving you the tools and the courage to improve with only your dedication the limit to your success."

Christian Reyno

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Transform the Way You Feel

US$ 500.00

The Essential Mindset