Learn How to Become a
High-Performance Leader

How to Improve Your Current Status Quo?

  • Leaders will learn how to remove fear from an organisation to create space and allow the core values to take over and drive individuals towards the company vision.
  • Understanding the importance of values, how through a conscious culture we can bring clarity within ourselves and lead our team to achieve what we call internal cohesion.
  • Become a high-performance leader with the tools and techniques to promote productivity and efficiency in everything that you do and influence those around you.

Understanding Engagement

Understanding your Values

Leaders are the drivers for motivation and growth of the individuals within organisations, employee performance is directly connected to their leader's engagement levels. 

Organisations, teams and individuals around the world are struggling with low engagement and productivity levels due to a myriad of reasons. 

We’ve designed 3 workshops to improve the engagement levels of yourself and across your entire team.

  • Feel Personally Aligned
  • New Levels of Consciousness
  • New Abilities
  • Discover New Insight about Yourself & Your Team

Module 3:

Culture Toolkit

Module 1: 

Fear to Trust

  • Increased Awareness
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Break Free from Limits & Patterns
  • A Sense of support

Module 2: 

Power of Values

  • Get a Culture Toolkit
  • Improve Decision-Making
  • Drive Efficient Meetings
  • Discover New Purpose

After years of traveling extensively around the world, Mark Copeland developed an unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one thing constant in life: Change”.

Coming to fully understand his place in this World, through personal development, Mark Copeland compiled his knowledge into tangible best-practices that can be implemented into any corporation willing to transform its status quo.

Armed with an endless fascination with the human consciousness and his Internet Marketing background developed over the last 15 years, Copeland recruited a team of creative minds and founded Smartminds in 2015.

Your Instructor

Module 2

  • Origins of Fear
  • Impacts on Your Brain
  • How to build Trust
  • The Central Role of Values
  • The 7 Levels of Consciousness
  • Values in Organisations

Module 3

  • Culture-Hacking
  • ORID: How to Lead a Meeting
  • 6 Models of Decision-Making

Module 1


Irena Isabella

"I am finally finally finally able to see things from a different perspective and goossh
it is absolutely 100% true when you have good energy and positive vibes 
you will attract people with the same vibe!"

Learn How to Become a 
High-Performance Leader

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