What the Blockchain Means for Planet Earth

The Decentralized Mind

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Vision & Mission

To Grow an Autonomous Community to Create a Sustainable Future for Society & the Environment.

To Educate & Activate Individuals about Blockchain and the Potential it Holds for the World.






Making a Difference

Environmental Awareness

Core Values

Beyond Bitcoin

Often enough when people think of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, they think of finances & investments. But blockchain technology is much greater than that and has the ability to revolutionize how the world operates.

Explore the true potential of blockchain technology and how understanding it will transform the way we communicate, conduct business and co-exist. Through this course, we will introduce the industries, technologies & emerging opportunities in the new socio-economic paradigm.

Blockchain Technology


Future Technology

Key Areas of Focus

What is the Blockchain?

The blockchain makes it possible for us to make fast & secure transactions. It provides the ability to share and record data accurately, data which cannot be deleted or manipulated.

Become aware of both the technical aspects & the societal impacts of blockchain technology, as we illustrate how these advancements will transform the way we live.


Digital assets are a new form of currency; a new way to exchange value. Understand what virtual currencies are and how you can become your own bank.

Here you'll receive insights on portfolio management and how to thoroughly evaluate companies to choose which to invest in.

Future Technology

Exploring technological advancements we can use to improve communities, businesses & governments. Providing solutions to positively impact society & the environment.

Learn to transcend technology by using it, not becoming it. With the right tools, we can innovate ourselves towards global health, sustainability & education.

The Decentralized Mind is for people looking to understand blockchain & distributed ledger technology. Understand what these advancements mean to us personally, and what they represent for society. If you have been asking questions about this space and how it can benefit you or your business, this is a way to find out.

We welcome everyone; business owners, investors, industry professionals and anyone eager to expand their knowledge on the bigger picture of what future technology can do for the world. 

Who is this Experience For?

Our Evolution

Explore our history and understand how we got to where we are today. Through influences of religion, movements & revolutions we'll explore key eras of our past.

The Centralized Idea

Discover how most of the world is currently operating and the real cost it has on ourselves & environment. Revealing the model of decision-making used by corporate services & countries.

Module 3

Transformation & Innovation - Why?

What are the reasons for a global shift in mindset? Through the carbon example, we'll learn what has caused the world to ask for change in all cultures.

Module 4

The Decentralized Idea

A common good model for the world and future generations to come. Understand what our world looks like with a healthy global distribution of wealth & resources.

Module 5

What is Blockchain/DLT?

Discover all aspects of cryptography, digital ledgers, privacy & security. Learn that this is a consensus-based system, meaning it represents a decentralized method of revealing the "truth".

Module 6

Trust-based System

Removing fear & control from our current model by applying a trustless system to be free from potential theft, fraud, blame & manipulation. Bringing responsibility back into our hands.

Module 7

What Does this Mean to Me?

Independence. This era of Cultural Revolution brings about a removal of limits from borders, banks, external controls and even ourselves. An immunization of the earth.

Module 8

Socio-economic Innovation

Explore the different industries that have been upgraded by blockchain technology. Understand what companies are already using and take the easy steps to apply changes for yourself.

Module 9

Digital Assets

Removing fear & doubt from the market to move towards trust & influence by introducing a centralized vs. decentralized approach.

Module 10

Cultural Revolution

The most significant change will be the way we live together. Develop a Decentralized Mindset to experience deeper emotions, better relationships and a new way to grow.

Module 11

A New World

What will the world look like once we embrace future technology? Exploring a reality of global citizenship, transparent organizations, environmental awareness & decentralized voting.

Module 12

Course Contents


Develop a Mindset that enables you to be open to change and welcome a new way of living. Learn to shift your perspective on today's world towards a brighter future.

Modern Human

Cognitive Revolution

Agriculture Revolution

Scientific Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Augmentation Revolution

Cultural Revolution

Module 1

Module 2


Shifting Perspectives

Creating a New Lens

Why do We Avoid Change?

Three Fears

The System at Large

Self-interest Model

Reptilian Brain

Fear & Control

Impacts on Society & Environment

Our Level of Consciousness

Schumann Resonance

The Carbon Example

Cultural Revolution


Common-good Model

Distribution of Resources


Centralized Vs. Decentralized

Four Elements of DLT

Distributed Ledger Technology

How is the Data Recorded?



Do You Believe We Are Free?

Our Previous Limits

Judgment & Seperation

Definition of Freedom

What Will We Be Free From?

What is Trust?


Installing Trust & Influence

Keys Back to The People


Opportunity for Innovation

Supply Chain Management



Data Sharing & Media

Recording History


Becoming Your Own Bank

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Types of Mining & Proofs Of

Exchanges & Token Trading

Wallets & Account Security Investment Criteria & Portfolio Management

What is Culture?

Decentralized Connections


The Way We Live

A Values-driven World

What will it Look Like?

Speed of Innovation


Business & Commerce

Global Citizenship & Voting

Our Environment

Mark Copeland

Mark has been traveling the world for over 20 years, working across more than 10 different industries. This led him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life, Change”.

Through travel, continuous learning & personal development, Mark has compiled his experiences with culture and mindset into tangible best practices for individuals & organizations willing to transform their status quo.

As an early mover in the blockchain space, Mark has been involved in digital assets, trading, and D.A.O. business structures since the emergence of decentralized principles. This experience has inspired him to build an educational platform, helping organizations and individuals understand the implications of this new reality.

Since joining forces with the Barrett Values Centre, Mark has become a certified consultant and has designed a framework for innovating Next Generation Business Culture through training on Values, Beliefs & Mindset.

Mark Copeland

What is the blockchain and what can it do for me & my business?

How can I begin investing in cryptocurrencies safely?

How can blockchain technology address and solve global issues?

What are cryptocurrencies? How does it work and why should I invest?

Why is blockchain technology important and what does it represent?

How can I apply a decentralized way of thinking about my life and business?

What would change if the world shifted into a decentralized system?

Questions You May be Asking Yourself

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What the Blockchain Means for Planet Earth

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Earth Ledger is a platform to grow a decentralized autonomous community to identify, activate & deploy global solutions to create social and environmental impact.


"Khadi mentality means the decentralization of the production and distribution of the necessaries of life."

Mahatma Ghandi

After this Experience You Will...

Feel confident in investing & exploring the cryptocurrency market.

Understand how to secure and effectively manage a digital assets portfolio.

See the potential of blockchain technology and how it will impact the world.

Understand both the technical aspects of blockchain and its many uses.

How to integrate DLT and a Decentralized Model in my industry.

Connect to a global movement and upgrade my knowledge in future technology.

Know which decentralized applications and platforms are available for me to use today.

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"When things are made simple, it is easy to see whats possible in the world and the SmartMinds team continues to communicate that in a way that is not just motivating, but sustainably applicable. "

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"I’ve never met anyone that has understood the blockchain technology & crypto space like mark. His understanding is like no other and his ability to articulate his perspective & knowledge to help others understand is so unique.

I’ve finally found someone that can help me understand this crazy world...(in layman terms) ...worth attending if your wondering what the hell it’s all about...it’s definitely the future."

Adrian Reed, CEO of Iceberg's Group Bali

"Mark Copeland's approach to the utilization of decentralization as a core component of effective management culture is unique, refreshing, and potent."

Chris Traub, Chairman, Strategic Executive Search (SES) Group

What the Blockchain Means for Planet Earth

The Decentralized Mind

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Standard - €175 EUR

VIP Access - €475 EUR


Tallinn, Estonia


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