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Accurate Data & Reports to Transform your Company Culture.

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Improve the Financial Viability of the organization through Improved Quality, Performance & Innovation.

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Strengthen Organizational Relationships

Build a Strong High-Performance Team & Improve External Stakeholder Relationships.

What You Can Measure, You Can Innovate.

Your team will show you where you can improve in the business.

The CVA will provide you with the required workshops & strategies based on the results to improve the profitability, performance, sustainability & longevity of your business.

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Our Consultant

Mark has been traveling the world over 20 years and worked in more than 10 different industries, which lead him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life: Change”.

Coming to fully realize his place in this world, through travel and personal development, Copeland compiled his experiences and knowledge into tangible best-practices that can be implemented into people and organizations willing to transform their status quo.

Copeland joined forces with Barrett Values Centre and is a certified consultant, and has designed a framework for innovating Next Generation Business Culture. SmartCulture®

Mark Copeland

Values Centre was founded by Richard Barrett. Who has developed a unique business model that can be used on a personal, team, organizational & societal level known as the 7 levels of consciousness.

BVC provide their consultants with a variety of CTT tools used to accurately measure the health of organizations through values & other assessments.

About Barrett Values Centre

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"The good companies are looking for people who understand; who they are, how they tick and what they value."

Richard Barrett, Founder of BVC

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Accurate data & reports to transform your company culture.

Culture Values Assessment