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Private & Organizational Training


Private & Organizational Training

"Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the Entrepreneur."

- David Cummings
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Our Consultancy

Client Focus

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Cause Level Training

There are 3 types of indicators in business: Outcome, Output & Causal. The outcomes are related to profits produced by the business. The output is associated with things like productivity & efficiency. SmartMinds focuses & trains the third type of indicator: The Cause. This identifies each individual’s: Mindset, Health, Values, Beliefs, Behavior & Language.

We work closely with Leaders to transform aspects of the causal indicator which will directly impact the output and outcomes of the organization. Improving the cause multiplies employee Happiness, Engagement, Commitment, Ideas & Inspiration.

Culture EcoSystem

We have designed a framework that will align individuals, build strong relationships and allow a business to become a true DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

I first attended the training with the hope of finding a solution to help me keep calm at work and to get my staff to do what I wanted them to do. Through the training, I came to realize that the changes I wanted would first need to come from me. He explained that the energy that I brought to work and put into my communications was driving my business in a direction that I didn’t want. The biggest takeaway and most effective method for me was the sharing of values.

Since attending Mark’s training in November we have not lost a single member of our team (turnover previously was fast & furious), our staff morale is at its highest, our sales have grown and grown & our guests are having the best experiences with us.

Mark said that through his work I would see dramatic changes and it’s absolutely true. From my own experience, I can hand on my heart say that his coaching & consultancy will question the way you currently operate your business and conduct your personal life, giving you the tools and the courage to improve.

Christian Reyno
The NUDE, Canggu

Digital & Blockchain

Building an online presence through product & website innovation & educating a clear understanding of blockchain technology.

Conscious Coaching

We offer both private & group coaching programs to professionals looking to upgrade their current models for living & business.


1-Day accelerators to train teams & organizations to improve company culture. Intensive workshops towards achieving team alignment.


A program to shift an organization into a values-driven model. To impact employees both personally and professionally through a variety of CLT.

Survey Model
Barrett Values Centre

Founded by Richard Barrett. The Values Centre provides a platform that is able to measure and illustrate the health of an organisation’s culture. While identifying areas for innovation (levels of dysfunction).

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