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Conscious Coaching

Align – Connect – Thrive

Conscious Coaching is a one-on-one customized program to increase your self-awareness.

Learn how to develop your Mindset to improve the outcome in your daily life. Become a Next Generation Professional by expanding your levels of consciousness for your health, business & relationships.

This will enable you to cultivate a mental & emotional skill set to improve decision-making, effectively manage your emotions. You will have ease in setting clear goals & strategies in both your career & personal life.

Health & Nutrition

Business & Leadership

Life & Relationships




Develop an approach for Upgrading & Rebooting your Health

Discover Strategies for a Competitive Advantage in a Global Market

Learn Skills to Create Better Outcomes across all areas of Life

Conscious Coaching Objectives

Understand what it really means to be healthy and how it impacts your performance in life.

We will explore and identify areas for improvement with your daily rhythm, breathing, diet, exercise regime, and sleeping patterns.

Learn how to radically shift your current health and energy levels to improve your mental, emotional & physical well-being.

Focus Areas

Health & Nutrition

Develop awareness to see the areas of a business that are overlooked by most business professionals.

Learn how to identify key points of innovation in your business and professional relationships.

Discover effective business practices and a deeper understanding of what it actually takes to gain a competitive advantage.

Business & Leadership

Realize that your current point of view plays a huge role in how you feel and the outcome of everything in your life.

Gain insight on how to recognize persistent patterns that limit your abilities and conscious decision-making.

Learn to navigate life with ease, by developing a powerful skill set, that will improve the relationship you have with yourself, family & friends. 

Life & Relationships

There are many types of thoughts and ideas that arise every day. Here are some questions that may help you see limits and blocks.

Learn to develop a positive attitude?

How can I feel more emotionally balanced?

What can boost my energy levels?

How to develop a deeper connection with myself?

How can I experience better sleep?

How can I improve my relationships?

How can I create more free time?

How can I feel more at ease at work?

What new methods increase profit?

Learn to make my business more effective?

Questions You May be Asking Yourself

Mark has been traveling the world over 20 years and worked in more than 10 different industries, which lead him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life: Change”.

Coming to fully realize his place in this world, through travel and personal development, Copeland compiled his experiences and knowledge into tangible best-practices that can be implemented into people and organizations willing to transform their status quo.

Copeland joined forces with Barrett Values Centre and is a certified consultant, and has designed a framework for innovating Next Generation Business Culture. SmartCulture®

Mark Copeland

Mark Copeland

His remarkable willpower to explore the different aspects of culture, life, business and the environment: Mark Copeland realized one underlying common denominator, “People”. He realized that the challenges and downfalls in business weren’t industry specific, it all came down to the people within it. So, Copeland recruited a team of creative minds and founded Smartminds, to develop a framework that will lead organizations to positively impact society and the environment.

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Improved Team and Business Performance, Increased Productivity, Efficiency & Profit.

Experience Enhanced Energy
Levels, Deeper Sleep and a Heightened Sense of Well-Being.

Develop Stronger Relationships, improve your decision-making
and raise consciousness.

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"If you have been wondering for a while how you start to re-invent yourself - this will set you up for a life change."

"The ripple effect has been amazing...not only for me, but those that surround me... I can totally recommend this as a personal and business 'must do' :)"

"Profound experience which left me inspired and energised to change my life. This work is essential for anyone wanting a better and happier life for themselves and the people around them.""

“I experienced some great breakthroughs almost immediately. Some things which one could think may have been obvious are actually not always obvious. Mark has a talent for being able to detect them and how to really turn things to your advantage.”

Coached people with all levels of knowledge.

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Take the assessment to qualify for a free 30-minute Strategy Session to identify the key areas in your life that can be innovated.

Conscious Coaching

Align – Connect – Thrive

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