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Differences between a Manager and a Leader

There is a long term debate as to whether leaders and managers can be considered one in the same. While the two positions are undoubtedly and intimately involved, each has… Read More
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7 Ways to Train your Brain at any Age

Does the brain develop continuously throughout our lives or does it stops growing as we age? A popular belief is that our brains finish growing once we reach the age… Read More
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The Past, The Present, The Future

We’ve been taught time exists. Every day we base our actions & scheduling off the numbers on a clock, every year we celebrate birthdays. Yet, we are afraid of running… Read More
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Do we really use only 10% of our brain: Busting a Human Brain Myth

Every animal; mammals, reptiles, amphibians — possesses a brain. However, the human brain appears to be most interesting. A complex organ which gives humanity the powerful ability to articulate thoughts,… Read More
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6 Companies that Culture Hack

Cultivating great organizational culture is no longer just an option, it’s a must. Today’s workforce considers it as much as they consider their salary and benefits. In fact, good company… Read More
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Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Your mind can be an extremely powerful tool. Through your unique upbringing and different forms of conditioning, your type of mindset determines your responses to challenges and ability to succeed.… Read More
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How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life

Sometimes, beliefs can limit our happiness and potential. Far too often, they are so deeply entrenched in mind, that you live completely oblivious to them. To overcome possibly limiting beliefs,… Read More
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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the essence of being aware and to realize the world around us. It is the window through which we understand our environment emotionally, artistically, scientifically, and spiritually. It… Read More
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Brain Plasticity: Re-shaping the Mind

Brain plasticity is the extraordinary power that enables the brain to modify its makeup and operate based on the changes within the body or surrounding environment. The modifications happen through… Read More
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Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Parents’ Advice

Our personal values, beliefs, behaviours & language are not initially chosen by ourselves, rather they are learned based on our upbringing and parental teachings. (Schneider, Gruman & Coutts, 2005, p.77).… Read More
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