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Life Hacks

How to show Empathy and Compassion

It’s time we all practice living with compassion. Let’s not confuse empathy with compassion. As when misunderstood you may be doing more harm than good. But how many of them… Read More
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The Art Of Breathing

Breathing is what fuels our engine. The heart is powerless without energy to supply life to the body. Similar to vehicles, low-quality fuel (improper breathing) can massively impact the performance… Read More
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Why do We Dream?

Dreams can be pleasant, horrid or outright creepy. We all dream — even if we don’t recall anything the next morning. But why do people dream? What do these dreams… Read More
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How to Make Meditation a Daily Habit

Meditation is known to be the global leader in sky-rocketing productivity. But meditation has a much deeper impact than you may know. Some people think that meditation refers to thinking… Read More
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Sugar vs. Fat: Who is the Real Public Enemy?

For decades, there has been much contemplation as to whether fat or sugar is to blame for the obesity epidemic. As humanity progresses and we watched our general health decline… Read More
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Why You Should Juice

Juicing refers to the process of extracting vitamins, liquids, and minerals from raw vegetables and fruits — and taking in only the best energy out of it. It strips away… Read More
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Infographic: How to Quit Sugar in 14 steps

What is the number one enemy if you want to lose weight?. However, sugar doesn't just affect your weight, it is also problematic for your health. The World Health Organisation… Read More
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Infographic: Solfeggio Frequencies

The solfeggio frequencies are commonly known as the healing tones that are found in nature. These frequencies are also connected to your seven chakras and energy centers of the body.… Read More
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Infographic: Why You Should Drink More Tea

Nature provides the purest of sources of nutrition. We've created an infographic to introduce & describe different types of teas for you to gain perspective on maybe you should start… Read More
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