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Leadership Qualities for Successful Entrepreneur

There is always this argument that there are people who are born with skills that propel them to success. However, a group feels that professionals and teams grow their skills… Read More
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Why you should address the Elephant in the room

We live in an era marked by rapid economic, technological and social change. Pressure to perform in this very competitive environment routinely takes its tolls on workers and professionals. Stress… Read More
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How to Increase Productivity

We all have different perspectives on how to be a high-performance leader. What drives productivity, open-communication, creativity & efficiency in a team? Well, productivity can be fueled by many strategies...It… Read More
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What Does a High Performance and Organizational Culture Look Like?

Today’s employees are well-versed in the business world and have higher expectations of their employers. At the same time, employers want an innovative, steadfast and resilient workforce. In response to… Read More
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9 Components of Organizational Culture : High-Performance Culture

A company culture is what defines each growing organization; massivley impacting the quality & consistency of leadership, employee & team performance. This aspect is the true and unique identifier of… Read More
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The Importance of a Culture Transformation

If you work in an organization, you may have recently heard the term culture transformation. Corporate culture is known to be the only competitive advantage that is entirely up to… Read More
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Your Culture Is Your Brand

Your culture affects every single decision you make, it attracts and retains both employees and customers. Organizations of today understand that in order to thrive in our current & future… Read More
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Core Values: What they represent in our lives

Our conscious & subconscious values are the source of our decision-making. The central role of values in organizations is to create alignment between individuals which sparks synchronicity and multiplies energy,… Read More
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How to Improve your Company’s Culture

The health of an organization's culture determines the employee's ability to communicate effectively and perform with consistent quality & efficiency. Leaders should strive to provide guidance and direction to instil… Read More
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7 Practices to Become a Better Leader

Leadership has transformed the role of "managers" in Business. Organizations are realizing that a leader's ability to inspire, motivate and provide guidance to its team members is essential to achieving… Read More
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