Learn How You can Transform Your Business Culture

Next Generation Business Culture


Join us for our FREE event at 4 pm on July 11th, 2017 at Genius Cafe (Mertasari Beach)

Multiply engagement, productivity, and efficiency by shifting your focus to the aspects of your business that most companies are unaware of.

What you will Learn

Discover the Intangibles of Your Business

Integrate communication & cooperation to allow a synchronized workplace by motivating your team through values and create meaning towards your vision.

The Power of Values

Trust & Influence

Develop your leadership skills in order to guide your team towards a supportive work environment where employees are engaged, feel safe and connected to the team.

How to Create a High-Performance Culture

This session is to introduce a values-driven model and how it transforms all dimensions of your business. We will demonstrate how through improving the organizational mindset, health levels and well-being of your team, we can impact their performance and lead them to live more fulfilled happy and passionate lives. This is where collaboration & trust can form and ideas and inspiration can thrive to create what we call a high-performance workplace.

How to Transform your Organisation

Table of Contents

Happiness is the New Productivity

What is a Values-Driven Organization?

Systems Beyond Systems

The 2 Types of Organizational Mindset

Individual & Collective Energy Levels

The Power of Trust & Influence

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Mertasari Beach, Next to Mercure Resort, Sanur

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Gain Insights about Business and Leadership

Learn  How You can Transform Your Business Culture


Join us for our FREE event at 4 pm on July 11th, 2017 at Genius Cafe (Mertasari Beach)

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